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Iran News Round Up


(Today’s Iran News Round Up entirely compiled by Ali Alfoneh)


· Ahmadinejad had presented “the highest echelons of the Islamic Republic” with a list of nominees to succeed Larijani: Mojtaba Hashemi Samareh, Esfandiyar Rahim Mashayi and Said Jalili. The unnamed authority (presumably the Supreme Leader) chose Jalili.

· Mohammad Atrianfar, member ally of Rafsanjani: “Dr. Larijani’s resignation no surprise… but his presence in Rome at the EU/Iran negotiations a sign of weakness on the part of newly appointed Said Jalili.

· Semi official news agency’s biography of Said Jalili claims he was Ahmadinejad’s choice for minister of foreign affairs, but “Manouchehr Mottaki was chosen because of some other considerations.”

o Rumors about Manouchehr Mottaki headline E’temad.

· Ahmad Sobhani replaces Said Jalili in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

· Rafsanjani: “My effort aims at widening the executive power of the Assembly of Experts.”


  • French President Sarkozy: “Nuclear cooperation with Iran is possible, confrontation with Iran not predestined.”
  • Ali-Akbar Velayati, Supreme Leader’s foreign affairs advisor: “I am not aware of the warning of Putin to Iran.”
  • Larijani: “Change of personnel will not affect Iran’s nuclear policy.”
  • Ahmadinejad: “The nuclear issue safely back in the IAEA… bullies of international politics failed in intimidating us.”
    • Is ElBaradei on the take?
  • Ahmadinejad’s visit to Armenia abruptly ended; speculation he did not want to anger Turkey by paying tribute to memorial erected in honor of Armenian victims in the wake of WWI.
    • Answering a question on ’Armenian Genocide’: “We condemn all injustice done in world history.”

Economics and Trade


Human Rights and Labor

  • Jailed human rights and civil society activist Emad al-Din Baghi writes an open letter to the head of Iranian judiciary detailing violations of Iranian law while arresting him.
  • Hundreds of Iranian students demonstrate at Amir Kabir Technical University protesting against imprisonment of student activists.


  • Rafsanjani censored from Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, which titles him by the inferior religious title of Hojjat al-Islam.



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