Simply Criminal Not To

by John O'Sullivan

I should have added that in our trip to the Backstage bar, we participants in Magna cum Murder raised our martini glasses shakily and drank to the health of Kathryn Kennison, the impresario and criminal mastermind behind the festival of crime. (I should tell Rich, Jonah, Derb, K-Lo et al to accept any invitation they receive from Kathryn–not that a refusal will have the slightest effect of what they end up doing.) As the words of the toast echoed through the great hall, a thousand arms brought a thousand tankards crashing down onto the long trestle tables on which the remains of one hundred roasted oxen had been picked clean. And a thousand stout warrior voices rang through the air in celebratory salute: “To Lady Kathryn, by the All the Mysteries of Styles and by All the Secrets of the Locked Room.” Sorry, wrong genre.


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