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McCain: Readers Speak


So, as I mentioned earlier, my article last week–arguing that McCain is the strongest Republican general-election contender but that he needs to pledge a one-term limit on his presidency to help him in both the primaries and the general election–inspired a lot of emails.

Roughly thirty percent of the readers who emailed me thought that a one-term pledge was a good idea. Here’s one of them:

You, sir, are a bloody genius.

This would get my primary vote (which is at the moment going to Rudy – primarily because I think he’s the best bet to topple the Wicked Witch).

This comes with an IF or two:

IF Sen. McCain continues his strong stance towards defeating Islamofascism (his strong suit)

IF he pledges to defend our borders (not his strong suit)

IF he pledges to resist tax increases (or, better yet, push for the Fair Tax)

If he does that, he’ll have my vote and some of my money.

About fifteen percent of readers like McCain but don’t want him to limit himself:

I agree McCain is the best candidate for the GOP and the country. I\’m a pro-life moderate-liberal voter. I\’m pro-environment, pro-gay-marriage, pro-gun-control. But I usually vote Republican because of the life issue. If Giuliani is the nominee, I will almost certainly vote for Clinton. Keep building McCain up, he can fix so many things that Bush had made much worse.

Also, he is such a great guy, he shouldn’t be limited to one term.

More later.


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