And the Winner Is Not

by John O'Sullivan

Rich, I agree with almost all your supporting arguments but I don’t agree with your conclusion that Hillary won. You will be proved right if the establishment media glosses over her final collapse into incoherence over illegal immigration. That may happen simply because the media is on the same side of the argument. But even her clueless opponents noticed that she had committed a grave mistake and was floundering.

We watch these events with the outlook of people who all our lives have seen movies in which the hero or heroine triumphed after being walloped around the ring–or in which the villain(ess) failed after pounding the hero(ine) into near- but not complete senselessness.

Hillary was that villainess in the closing stages. The other candidates realized it. However feebly and nervously, they moved in for the kill.

Sure, they never quite managed it, but we’re not dealing with Clint Eastwoods here. The media may ignore this lest the GOP catch on that this is something on which she is, at least temporarily, vulnerable.

If they do, however, the rest of the world will draw its own conclusions about both them and Hillary.

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