Andrew Can Relax

by John O'Sullivan

The GOP may do many daft things, but becoming a European Christian Democrat party is not one of them. Why? Because Christian Democrat parties have not been either Christian or democratic for many years. They certainly tend leftwards, but that is nothing new. They have always denied being conservative or on the Right of politics. Economically they believe in wholesale intervention in the market. Politically they are elitists and nervous of democracy–all the CD parties oppose referendums on the new European constitution, for instance. And religiously their Christianity is largely formal–though there are individual exceptions. Again, no Christian Democrat party fought hard to get a mention of God or Christianity into the European Constitution pre-amble despite the undeniable fact that Christianity is a massive part of Europe’s heritage. Most Christian Democrat politicians regard America’s religious right with the same mystified distaste as Andrew himself.

But is Andrew happy with the social and political results achieved by parties so similar to him in religious outlook?


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