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The Hillary campaign’s feminist inconsistencies at Wellesley, in the NY Sun article you link to, Kathryn, are bigger than the “boy’s club” comment. My favorite bit, was that, at the rally at alumnae hall, the background music was The Police, singing “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic.” And then, the reporter says, a male voice came over the PA system, urging the female students to “get excited.”  They responded with a big “wooooo.”  That’s what you’d expect for a rock star, or a sex goddess.  Is she, say, Madonna circa 1988?  We’ve all seen the dreadful yearbook pictures from her Wellesley days. What a moment of triumph — to get to walk back in as a conquering heroine, and engineer the crowd’s response. 

I’m trying really hard to imagine Margaret Thatcher, or Indira Gandhi, or Golda Meir — or even Benazir Bhutto, (who was young and beautiful — if inept– during her first couple of runs for high office), entering a political rally to “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic…”  Not happening. The Latin American “wives of” candidates — sure.

On the small point of Hillary analogizing herself to Eugene McCarthy — let’s not quibble, regardless of her actual pro-war votes — and consistently inconsistent need to present herself as both hawkish and anti-war. McCarthy’s campaign had the best possible result. We can only wish it for Hillary. 


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