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Presidential Resumes


On C-SPAN yesterday, I caught a clip of Bill Richardson at an event (in Iowa, I believe) in the course of which, while touting his experience as governor, he claimed that seven of the last eight presidents of the United States had previously been governors. When I mentioned this to a colleague, he reminded me that Richardson also made the same claim in this week’s debate, saying “We elect governors as president. Seven out of the last eight have been either governors or ex-governors.” A quick search turned up more instances of him saying so.

This is a terribly minor nit-pick…but what’s blogging for? So for the record, the last eight men elected president were:

George W. Bush
Bill Clinton
George H.W. Bush
Ronald Reagan
Jimmy Carter
Gerald Ford
Richard Nixon
Lyndon Johnson

Four of them had served as governors, and four had not. So why not just say “four of the last five” instead?

Richardson talks a lot about his state’s great emphasis on education. Let’s hope New Mexico students aren’t getting their American history education from their governor.