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RE: Presidential Resumes


A small update to my post below. A few readers have written in to say that Gerald Ford was never elected President and so should not be listed among the last eight elected presidents. Fair enough, and I was asking for it (nitpick not, lest ye be nitpicked) but that takes the list back to John Kennedy, who also never served as a governor, so doesn’t help Richardson any.  

Others have written to suggest that while it is indeed not correct to say (as Richardson did) that seven of the last eight presidents had been governors, it is true that seven of the last presidential elections were won by former governors, since the two-termers get two each. Well, that’s not what Richardson said, but it’s imaginable that it’s what he might have meant or had in mind, and what his intern wrote on his index card. So consider this a nit-pick of his word choice, not his history, and therefore all the more minor.


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