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Page 13 of the latest New Republic makes fun of various conservative pundits, including some at this magazine, for allegedly developing “man crushes” on Republican candidates. So, for example, they quote John Podhoretz: “The Republican Party is the party of strength at home and abroad and for many, Rudy Giuliani personifies that.” I think I have established pretty well that I do not want to see Giuliani become president, but that he personifies strength “for many” seems to me to be indisputable. That Mitt Romney is good-looking–an observation by John J. Miller that draws TNR’s ridicule–has been observed by many political commentators, whether they are for him or against him.

It isn’t conservatives who inspired Slate to start its “Obama Messiah Watch.”

But TNR, to its credit, has not deified Obama. It was pretty gushing, at times, for Al Gore–look at its 2000 endorsement editorial if you can find it. More recently, it has reserved its enthusiasm for Eliot Spitzer. How’s that working out?


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