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Benazir’s Fate


More big news from Pakistan:

Hours after President Pervez Musharraf imposed emergency, Pakistan People’s Party chief Benazir Bhutto returned home on Saturday. She is said to be sitting on a plane at Karachi airport, a spokesman said.

’’She is waiting to see if she is going to be arrested or deported,’’ Wajid Hasan said after speaking to the former Pakistani prime minister by telephone from London.

Left free, Bhutto would lead a movement in the streets for Musharraf’s overthrow. So more likely she will indeed be jailed or deported, either option establishing her as a martyr and, she hopes, successor to Musharraf if he is deposed. But at this point, anything could happen, from a “successful” emergency, to a democratic revolution, to a military coup, to an Islamist takeover, and quite possibly some combination of the above.


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