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Iran News Round Up


(Thanks to Ali Alfoneh for his assistance in compiling)

Nuclear Diplomacy

  • Ahmadinejad: “From our point of view, the nuclear issue is solved… Those who make a lot of noise about it just want to extract concessions from our nation.”
  • Iran declares itself to have a clean bill from the IAEA, confusing talks over modality with talks to resolve issues.
    • U.S. efforts to block Iran’s nuclear program are futile.
  • Bahraini Crown Prince denounces quotes attributed to him on Iran’s nuclear program.

Economy and Trade



  • Member of Tehran City Council, Ma’soumeh Ebtkar: “Let us not suppress the student movement in fear of reform demands.”
  • Presidential top advisor Samareh Hashemi attacking Rafsanjani’s warning that Iran is going through an state of emergency: “If Mr. Rafsanjani thereby alludes to exceptional success of the country in the field of foreign and security policies…, he is right.”
  • Safdar Hosseini, staff member of the reformist alliance in Iran: “The national media is our main rival,” alluding to the monopoly of the hard liners over the state-run media.

Society and Culture

  • Education Minister denies report saying there are 30,000 drug addicts among Iranian school children: “Our school system does not harbor drug addiction.”
  • Former Iranian nuclear negotiator Mousavian accused of having received privileged access to cheap housing.

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