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If Your Son Dies, It’s His Fault


Thus saith the mullahs to the mother of a young man arrested for…well, nobody really seems to know:

Yasser Golis’ mother has expressed deep concerns over her sons’ heart
situation, as she has been told by the deputy prosecutor in Sanandaj ,
that if Yasser dies of heart attack or even strangles himself in
prison they will not accept any responsibility.
Yasser Goli , a student, had been arrested 22 days ago, in Sanandaj,
west of Iran, by Intelligence Ministry agents, for unknown reasons.

Thanks to the invaluable Iranian Political Prisoners’ Association for pointing this out, at considerable length. Its site is the best way to keep up on the incredible tempo of the mullahs’ repression of their own people, a story that almost no Western correspondent in Tehran covers (the Guardian is a rare exception).


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