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The Mullahs Define Themselves (Again)


Have a look at this heartrending story from the Iranian Political Prisoners Association.  Mr. Hamidreza Borhani, evidently a man of some means, found himself in prison, sentenced a term at forced labor.  While there, he became a Samaritan, giving money to the needy and even, on occasion, posting bail so that some of his fellow prisoners could go home.

This sort of behavior obviously couldn’t be tolerated by the mullahs, and so he’s been exiled to another prison.  His crime?  “Propagating his political beliefs among other inmates.”  Hah!  The real “crime” is HELPING other inmates, which gets in the way of the constant administration of pain to the Iranian people, the defining characteristic of this dreadful regime.

I should point out, if Michael Rubin hasn’t already, that our brave policy makers (you know, the ones who shudder at the very thought of risking their welfare for the good of the country) haven’t seen fit to defend the likes of Borhani, or the many other political prisoners whose misery is documented daily. 


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