SSSSHHHHHHH ... Don’t Tell Anyone: Al Qaeda Has Been Routed in Baghdad

by Andrew C. McCarthy

The Newspaper of Record has the story today … on page A-19.

… And even there, the Times can’t bring itself to say we won.  The report is headlined, “Militant Group Is Out of Baghdad, U.S. Says.”  They left — not we kicked their ass out.

… And neither can the Gray Lady acknowledge whom we’ve beaten:  “Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, the homegrown Sunni extremist group that American intelligence agencies say is foreign-led.”  Right — the “homegrown” group started by a Jordanian who was reporting to bin Laden and operating in Iraq during Saddam’s reign.  The group to which all those Saudis, Egyptians, Jordanians and other Arabs report after they pour in over the Syrian border.  The group that is al Qaeda.

Obviously, this is not Page One material.  That space is reserved for running down a full-employment economy (the Dow is apparently down to “only” thirteen thousand three hundred), a big picture of Rudy with that ol’ Times fave Pat Robertson, the news that Bernie Kerik is about to be indicted, and cheers over a House vote in favor of “Broad Protections for Gay Workers.”

Has someone told Pinch that the ‘08 election is next week? 

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