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Former Lego employee Brian Alleman writes:

As a former Lego employee I can virtually guarantee that Lego would not touch that with a 20 foot pole.  Lego is extremely careful who they donate kits to, and almost virtually never do.

Judging by your latest corner post you have discovered that Lego is a bunch of wacko lefties.  I worked at the very lowest level, as a salesman in one of their “Brand Retail Outlets” but even there it was clear.  When we were selling products in the Bionicle line we told to stress that none of the bad guys are ever killed in the storyline, they are simply defeated.  Whether that be locked in a cave or made to seen the errors of their ways, see kids violence against evil solves nothing!

I would get asked several times per week, especially around Christmas time and living in an area with a considerable military population, if Lego made any kind of military models.  Tanks, fighter planes, helicopters, etc, but I would have to explain that Lego does not believe in promoting the military.  It usually went over like a fart in church.  Not to mention when I was a kid and I played with Lego (and who am I kidding I’m a 23 year old engineer who still loves the stuff) the first things I would make were tanks, fighter jets and helicopters to send my little yellow “mini-figures” off to battle in.