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Belgium: More Good News


Talks designed to resolve Belgium’s political ‘crisis’ (the country has now been without a government for 150 days or so) have once again collapsed. The International Herald Tribune has this to say about Yves Leterne (despite his name he’s the head of the Flemish Christian Democrats), the politician who came closest to winning the country’s elections back in June:

Leterme didn’t help his cause as a Belgian unifier when he could not say what was celebrated on Independence Day and sang the French Marseillaise when asked for the Belgian national anthem.
He’s obviously a splendid follow. Flanders should clearly go its own way, Wallonia should join France, and Eupen should do who knows what. As for Brussels, it should remain as it is, a city of rentiers and bureaucrats, capital of a Belgium that would no longer exist, and capital of an EU that, at least in its present form, should no longer exist. Magritte would approve.


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