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Lego responds


Thank you for your interest in LEGO® brand toys. We are always delighted to hear from a loyal LEGO enthusiast. A blogger at the National Review incorrectly wrote that LEGO Systems had denied a donation request from Walter Reed Hospital to support troops and their families. The company’s community relations department responded favorably to the request via voicemail, and details have yet to be finalized on that donation request; however, it was not denied. In fact, the company has historically contributed to several organizations that support the families of men and women who serve the country, and  continues to do so. For many years, LEGO Systems has taken great pride in making contributions to such programs as the United States Marine Corp’s Toys for Tots program and Operation Gratitude, which sends care packages to U.S Troops. LEGO Systems does not endorse one political perspective over another.

In its November 8, 2007 issue, The Washington Post ran a story implicating LEGO Systems’ recognition of an 8-year old girl’s creativity through an essay contest as endorsement of a political agenda. LEGO Systems sponsored a contest to identify and honor 10 children’s creativity. One of the winning entries told of a girl’s endeavors to “sing for peace” by rallying her choral group to sing a peace song. She indicated she would use the money to “spread the word of peace and music and get more kids involved in saving the planet,” which the company finds compelling and commendable. Because the contest was essay-based, LEGO Systems did not regard, consider or otherwise evaluate any ancillary materials, including pictures, collages, paintings and  online videos, and as such, was not aware of the specific content of the song.   

While LEGO Systems does not ever endorse any extreme messages, it does  always endeavor to encourage creativity among children. The intent of  the contest was to highlight and celebrate children’s creativity, and  LEGO Systems regrets any confusion the Washington Post article causes.

Thank you again for contacting us. We wish your family many  happy hours of creative building with LEGO brand toys in the years to come.


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