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Iran News Round Up


(Compiled with assistance of Ali Alfoneh)

Was Ahmadinejad a Hostage-taker?

  • Weekly Shahrvand publishes another picture of Ahmadinejad in the company of “Students of the Line of Imam,” the group which seized the U.S. Embassy. In the photo, he is meeting Ayatollah Khomeini. (Permanent picture link here; standing, third from left).


Nuclear Diplomacy

  • EU Foreign Policy director Javier Solana suggests an international center for enrichment of uranium for peaceful use.
    • Iranian parliamentarians condemn third-country enrichment proposals.
  • Applauding appointment of Said Jalili as chief nuclear negotiator, hard line Raja talks of “return of self-confidence to the ranks of Iranian diplomacy.”
  • Seyyed Mohammad-Ali Hosseini, spokesman of the Iranian ministry of foreign affairs: “Queen Elizabeth II’s comments against our nuclear program aim at debilitating Iran’s scientific development… Will not affect our policies.”
  • China urges more diplomacy, less pressure.


Economy and Trade

  • Iranian government to allocate two trillion tomans ($2.1 billion) to rural development and rural housing schemes.
  • Ahmadinejad: “Budget of southern Khorasan province to be doubled in the next year’s national budget.”
  • China in talk to buy more gas from Iran.


Religion and Society

  • Kuwaiti newspaper As-Siyasat calls the Islamic Republic a “Safavid entity,” referring to the dynasty, known for its radical ideology and purges, which converted Iran to Shi‘ism in the 16th century.
  • Baqer al-Oloum University in Qom celebrates graduation of the first students from its School of Foreign Languages. “The aim is to propagate Shi’ism abroad,” says the Dean.
  • Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani condemns the “behavior of the Wahabis towards Iranian pilgrims.”

Human Rights and Labor

  • Student activist ‘Ali Nikou-Nesbati arrested.
  • House of Commons resolution condemns Iranian crackdown on trade unionists.
    • Rice remains silent amidst continuing crackdown.


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