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Iran News Round Up


(Compiled with the assistance of Ali Alfoneh)

Religion and Culture

Economy and Trade

  • The national budget presented to the Iranian parliament by president Ahmadinejad’s government is “contrary to the requirements of the constitution… not detailed.”
  • Iranian deputy minister of trade answering complaints against dramatic rise of prices of fruit: “New fruit is expensive every where in the world… If people can’t afford it they should not buy it.”
  • Representative of Sanandaj, Jalal Jalali-Zadeh, in the Iranian parliament: “The situation in Kurdistan differs 180 degrees from official propaganda…Well educated Kurds beg me to find a job as janitors in Tehran… People can’t even afford half a kilo meat per month… Provincial trips of the president have not even brought minimum standards of living in Kurdistan, let alone prosperity.”
  • Iranian economist Nikou Golriz: “Our economy suffers from severe inflation… Government’s measures to curb it worsens the situation…”
  • Iran gas sector requires $90 billion investment.
  • General Secretary of pro-Rafsanjani faction in the Iranian parliament: “Iran should ready itself for economic sanctions… No measures have been taken yet.”
  • €1.2 billion dam to be built in Tajikistan by Iran, Turkey, China.
  • Iran will produce enough gasoline to supply its domestic needs by 2009; will no longer need to import gasoline.



  • The Islamic Republic of Iran Army copies “the most advanced computers for military use.”
  • Masoud Jazayeri, deputy chief of Joint Command of Islamic Republic of Iran Armed Forces: “Iran capable of harming the U.S.
  • Iran and Armenia, perhaps its closest ally after Syria and North Korea, sign a memorandum of understanding to expand defense cooperation.
  • Britain resumes patrolling Arvand-Roud, the Iran-Iraq border, where Iran took British soldiers hostage.
  • Ayatollah Kashani says nuclear bomb construction is religious forbidden.


  • China to join Iran in communiqué condemning Israel.
  • Iranian president to travel to participate in OPEC summit in Bahrain on November 17 and 18.
  • Iranian minister of foreign affairs, Manouchehr Mottaki: “Sanctions will produce no result.”
  • “21 Ba’ath Party members receive U.S. training at the Waterloo Lines Camp in Southern Basra… preparing terrorist attacks in Iranian Khuzestan province,” claims Tabnak, mouthpiece of former Revolutionary Guard commander Mohsen Rezai.
  • Ahmadinejad: “The epic presence of the people of Iran breaks the backbone of the enemy.”
  • After Swedish caricaturist Lars Wilks announces plan to produce a musical about Muhammad, Raja criticizes the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for not dealing more firmly with Wilks’ caricature of the prophet of Islam two months ago.
  • Islamic Republic press rallies around Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Ne.).
  • Hakim: Ryan Crocker has promised to free more detained Iranian terror suspects.
  • Iranian ambassador to Mexico lashes out against the United States, echoing the conspiracies of left-wing blogs and the New York Times:

America says that Iran is dangerous, but we say it is the United States that is a danger. It is the only country that has ever used atomic weapons to create a nuclear holocaust. We believe that George Bush and his cabinet are working to start a third world war, and as I said before, the reason is oil. They already launched a war against Afghanistan and Iraq, and now they want to move towards Iran.

And any country that attacks Iran militarily will receive a military response. We are not going to surrender. We have many ways to respond to an attack. And if Iran were attacked, it would be seen as an attack on Islam by every Muslim in the world. And many Muslims in the world would respond to such an attack. America cannot expect to attack another country and be safe.

If there are any sound thinkers in the White House, there will be no war. But there are people like Dick Cheney who are pushing for war. Consequently, I think Iran has to be prepared for a military attack, and we are. Iran does not want war, but if any American troops come to Iran, they will go home in a casket.

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