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Weimar-2007-or is it the Satyricon?


We may have a free-falling dollar. Oil may be hitting $100 a barrel. Our trade, budget, and aggregate debts may be becoming unsustainable-but no worry: in the financial center of the world life gets even better.
This Trimalchian bit about high culture comes from the latest New Yorker in an essay by Calvin Tomkins on Jeffrey Deitch and the  “exuberance of the art market”:

While two hundred and fifty guests dined at long tables with white tablecloths and silver candelabra, the all-male Gelitin crew, swigging bottled water and wearing buckets on their heads, spike heels, fishnet stockings, and not much else (unless you count the fetishistic pendants dangling from their pudenda), hammered together the prefabricated elements of a wooden structure that rose like a bridge over the tables; the bridge had four arched platforms at graduated heights, and when the crew finished nailing them together they climbed up-still in their high heels-and urinated into the hats of their colleagues on lower levels. “It was spectacular,perverse, uplifting, beautifully horrifying, and deeply transgressive,” according to Deitch whose tolerance for transgression is probably limitless.”
Maybe Halliburton can use these carpenters in Iraq?


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