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Re: NRLC Endorsement


An e-mailer agrees with David:

Like Giuliani and McCain, Romney supports using “surplus” embryos for research.

Thompson opposes all embryonic stem cell research, and Huckabee does as well. If NRLC picks among the “top-tier” candidates, they will likely go with one of those two – or they could endorse Hunter, Paul, or Tancredo.

Romney aide Peter Flaherty told me months ago that as president Romney would veto any attempt to provide taxpayer funding for research that destroys “surplus” embryos. It is true that Romney would not try to ban such research if privately financed, but Bush isn’t pushing for that, either, and neither is the NRLC. I haven’t heard Thompson come out for it, either. On the policy issues, Romney and Thompson appear to be identical. But I don’t know whether the NRLC sees it that way.


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