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Re: NRLC Endorsement


If it is Fred Thompson who gets the nod, it’s unclear to me what ruled out Mitt Romney.  It can’t be that the folks at NRLC frown on his pro-choice past because their ranks have many converts to their cause — including Bernard Nathanson.  The sincerity of his pro-life views has been recognized by Dr. Jack Wilkie and Jim Bopp, among many other veteran pro-life champions.  At a minimum, he is now operationally pro-life.  If it is true that NRLC acknowledges his salesman’s gifts, don’t they recognize that they are now being deployed to make the pro-life case?  It appears that a “viability” calculation prevented an endorsement of Mike Huckabee.  But Romney has Huckabee and Thompson beat on “viability” for the nomination. 

Romney would come out on top in a “most viable, most pro-life” test, if the McCain-Feingold-Thompson campaign-finance reform that NRTL so strenously opposed was part of the calculation.  It will be interesting to hear the explanation. . .


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