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Country Music video or big-think article–they’re both fun, and both saying more or less the same thing (must be something in the water–or the culture). You can watch Brad Paisley’s Online, or you can read Christine Rosen’s Virtual Friendship and the new Narcissism. Granted, Rosen’s article will take a bit longer to get through than the video. On the other hand, the black-and-white specimen of this perspective on the culture may actually have more playful moments than the video.

Find out which presidential candidate has more MySpace friends, and which party is full of pathetically bad virtual social networkers. Discover the meaning of “Enough with the Poking. Let’s just Have Sex.” Empirically test the “six degrees of separation” theory. See “MyFace.” Find out about virtual social networking pimps. It goes on. Just read Rosen’s article.


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