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Why We Eat


Move over affirmative action bake sales. To express their lack of solidarity with pro-”diversity” hunger strikers, a few courageous Columbia University students have started a counter-protest called “Why We Act, Why We Eat…” Here’s their new blog, “Why We Eat.” Already these counter-protestors (who have that lean and hungry look) have demanded that Columbia grant tenure to Alton Brown and Rachel Ray. Given the quality of some of Columbia’s Middle East Studies appointments, tenure for these food network luminaries could actually strengthen the faculty. Here’s a hunger strike update, and here’s the post by Anthony Paletta over at Minding the Campus that called my attention to this protest/counter-protest food-fight.

I say it’s not enough just to read about the courageous “Why We Act, Why We Eat” counter-protestors. Instead of merely sitting on our posteriors, we need to show solidarity with these counter-protestors by taking action to substantially expand those posteriors. So I’m calling on every Corner reader to have at least one meal today, and preferably three.


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