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More on Waziristan


In an e-mail, Bill Roggio points out that one of the sources I linked in my post on Waziristan (the obscure Asian source) is outdated. Thanks for the pointer, Bill. Roggio’s coverage of the fighting in Waziristan has been superb. (I’ve read much of it.) You can read his extended history of the conflict here. Roggio points out (as he often points out) that Pakistan frequently promises and offensive in the tribal regions without really delivering. That’s certainly true. And of course I noted out how very unconfirmed the Debkafile report was. Even so, I don’t think we can rule an offensive out at this point. Politically, it seems to me, we’re in new territory. An offensive would in some important ways endanger Musharraf domestically. On the other hand, it might help to get the West off his back. So we’ll have to wait and see. Worth keeping an eye on.