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Thompson’s Abortion Record


3 emails:

You offer no proof for a pro choice past for Thompson. Show us the clip on youtube. Oh wait there is not one? NRLC endorsed Thompson? The truth is sir that you look rather sad and silly to those who remember your earlier “debate” with Thompson regarding federalism where he humbled you.
You want YouTube? Here you go
Hi just read your interesting article on national review online on GOP flip floppers. However, the paragraph on Thompson was confusing. Are you saying he used to be Pro-choice and he has changed his position and is lying about it? People do change legitimately but I don’t like flip floppers. Can you clarify what you meant about him? I am seriously thinking about voting for him. Thanks.

“Lying” is a strong word that I am hesitant to apply to a friend. But yes, Thompson was pro-choice and has not been upfront about it.

I believe your judgement is totally incorrect about Fred. Last time I checked while serving as a senator he never ever voted for abortion. If forgetting about filling out an issues form is the most egregious lie you can find consider me unimpressed. As far as his giving advice to a pro-choice client, would you also support muslim taxi drivers refusing to pick someone up due to having bacon in their bag? Giving advice was his job that doesn’t make him pro-choice any more than a giving a lift makes the taxi driver pro-bacon.

Listen I know Fred has committed the unforgivible sin of not campaigning the way every one says he must. His style seems to be fatal to his run. On principle, however, he has all the conservative buttons pushed. It appears though that principled conservatism isn’t the most important factor anymore.

The template has been made I guess. Fred is too lazy. We’ve all decided. Just remember that the last President to take naps was really really good, while the Presidents that jog have pretty much sucked. I’d rather have Reagan for 8 hrs. than Bush for 12.

In 1994, Thompson said in a debate that he was against the government–and not just the federal government–criminalizing abortion. He said the same thing in an interview with Republican Liberty. Newspapers described him as pro-choice, and he didn’t correct them. In 1997, he sent a constituent a letter re-affirming his pro-choice convictions. His pro-choice lobbying is not at all analogous to driving a taxi, or even being a criminal defense lawyer. I know plenty of lobbyists who would not have helped a pro-abortion group try to get abortion laws liberalized, because they’re pro-life. Thompson wasn’t. I think it’s terrific that he changed his mind on the issue, as I did, but he ought to admit that’s what he did.


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