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So you praise Romney for flip-flopping brazenly now? Give me a break. You fanatical anti-abortion ideologues are going to be the ruin of this party. Next you should put that great brain to work explaining how we ever will get a constitutional amendment banning abortion, as Romney promises. A lot of us in the party are sick of you and your type, believe me, and we won’t be voting for your pandering hero, Mitt Romney, in the general.
Um, okay. For the record: 1) Romney isn’t my candidate, although I’d be happy to see him as president. 2) The majority of Americans who believe that abortion should be illegal with exceptions for rape and threats to the mother’s life ought to have a presidential candidate; and yes, I do believe that one of the parties should nominate a presidential candidate who agrees. 3) I don’t know much about you, but from this e-mail I’m guessing that I’d get sick of you pretty quickly too.


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