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Thompson Defenders Won’t Quit


I watched the video on YouTube about Thompson that you linked to in the Corner. What I hear is Thompson, while running for Senator (and thus a federal post), saying that he would not support federal laws criminalizing abortion. He also said that he supported states ability to legislate on the issue, including parental notification. Such legislation could only be passed if Roe v Wade was overturned. . . .

I will consider that Thompson may have, at some point during his life of public service, made comments that did amount to supporting the continuation of abortion in the U.S. However, it appears that this clip does not do that, especially when you consider the issue of Federalism as Thompson’s overriding guide.

Listen again to the tail end of the YouTube clip. Thompson says “the government” should not criminalize abortion; he’s not talking about the federal government. The same year, he told Republican Liberty, “The ultimate decision must be made by the women.” He said the same thing to the Tennesseean.

There may be a way to defend Thompson from the flip-flop charge. It’s possible that he still believes that governments, including state governments, should keep abortion legal in most circumstances. He has made ambiguous remarks on this subject this year (in interviews with, first, Sean Hannity and, later, Tim Russert). If that’s the case, though, Thompson is pro-choice.


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