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Lt. Col. Rod “K2″ Richardson, USMC (ret) RIP: A reader informed me that the American who was killed in Iraq in October 2006 with 1992 West Point goat Guy “Bear” Barattieri was retired Marine Lt. Col. Rod “K2″ Richardson:

While on active duty in the Marine Corps. Rod was a world class mountain climber and a had a legendary career in the Marine Corps dating back to a tour as an enlisted Marine in Vietnam. He had an incredible and indelible impact on scores of junior officers and senior enlisted Marine that worked for him during his career. When I received the news of his death via e-mail, there were more than a dozen current and retired Marine Corps generals (including the current Commandant) copied in the e-mail trail. I am certain a small part of all of them wished they could call his career and reputation their own.

There is a detailed obituary for Colonel Richardson here:  Why did he return to the fray from retirement after having already done years of honorable service? He said, “I was trained for it and I want to help.” Semper Fi. 


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