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Playing Defense


Deroy’s piece today is excellent.  But I am a little frustrated with “our side” playing defense here.  There is no evidence, of any kind, that Ronald Reagan had a racist bone in his body.  None.  And if campaigning as he did in Mississippi is, of itself, considered racist, then what of Bill Clinton?  His mentor was J. William Fulbright who, when he was mentoring Clinton, was a segregationist.  And Clinton was so impressed with Fulbright that he awarded him the Medal of Freedom.  What does Krugman think of that?  More importantly, who cares what he thinks of it, or anything else for that matter.

And I could go on – with example after example of leading Democrat lights who played plantation politics to great advantage – from FDR’s choice of Hugo Black (a former attorney for the Klan in Alabama) for the Supreme Court, to Adlai Stevenson’s choice of Alabama segregationist John Sparkman as his first running mate, to Al Gore’s segregationist father and his role in filibustering the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (I’m not aware that Reagan’s father harbored such bigotry), to Robert Byrd’s well known Klan ties (yet from 1977 to 1989 Byrd was the leader of the Senate Democrats, serving as Senate Majority Leader from 1977-81 and 1987-89 and as Senate Minority Leader from 1981-87) … and I’m just getting started.

But this is where Paul Krugman would take us, if we go along for his ride.  He’s a contemptible partisan.


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