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Iran News Round Up


(Thanks to Ali Alfoneh for his assistance in compiling)

Culture and Society

  • From exile in London, former minister of Islamic Propagation and Culture, Attaollah Mohajerani condemns censorship of Columbian writer, Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ latest novel. Mohajerani also argues that British author Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses is an Israeli conspiracy against Islam.
  • Former Iranian president, Mohammad Khatami: “God did not send the prophets to force something upon people.”


  • Member of Assembly of Experts, and Friday Prayers Leader of Mashhad, Ayatollah Alam Al-Holda says: “The claim that the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij [miliitia] as military forces should not intervene in politics are the words of enemies of God… They attribute this saying to the Imam [Rouhollah Khomeini], but this is only the word of the enemies of God and the corrupt movements which see the Basij as an obstacle in their road…. Lack of intervention of politics means secularization of the Basij, but the entire being of the Basij is that of religion, belief, piety and belief in God… [The Eight Imam of the Shi'tes] Imam Reza was the first Basij commander in history of the world… and in case the Basij uses the same method as him, the main obligation of the Basij as the guardian of the revolution becomes the fight against internal threats… hypocrites and malignant movements.”
    • Concludes: “Don’t pay attention to the psy-ops of the enemy which calls you anti-democratic.”
  • Tabnak, close to former IRGC head Mohsen Rezai, advises U.S. military analysts to talk to their Iraqi, Kurdish and Afghan counter parts before getting involved in a “military adventure against Iran.”
    • The article ends: “Would such a conflict not spread to Lebanon and Syria?”
  • Jalili: “Playing with Iran’s security could start a domino.”
  • IRGC head threatens “tsunamis of resistance” should the West attack.


  • Law Enforcement Forces disrupt commemoration of murder of Dariush and Paravaneh Forouhar by elements from Iran’s internal security agency.
  • Ansar compares Rafsanjani’s support for former nuclear negotiator accused of espionage for Great Britain with Grand Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri’s support for his son in law, Mehdi Hashemi, who leaked information on Iran-Contra Affair to a Lebanese newspaper. (Mehdi Hashemi was executed and Montazeri has been under house arrest ever since).
  • Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking in Ardebil: “The Imam of Time exercises intelligence superiority throughout the entire world… By lending our hearts to the Imam of Time we can reach the spirituality of Imam Ali.”
  • Tabnak quotes Jomhouri-ye Eslami’s suggestion that Iranian judiciary should take legal action against Ahmadinejad in case former nuclear negotiator Mousavian is acquitted in the espionage case against him.
  • Fatemeh Rajabi, wife of Iranian government spokesman Gholam-Hossein Elham attacks Rafsanjani: “The government of Mr. Ahmadinejad has triumphed in the nuclear issue and the enemy is humiliated…but from our own ranks, a commander in chief of the Revolutionary Guards during the war who should be a symbol of strength and bravery is degenerated into a symbol of fear and paranoia…and Hashemi Rafsanjani takes foreign threats serious,…why?”
  • The Iranian parliament’s opening session curtailed because of high number of absentee parliamentarians.
  • Ahmadinejad’s Council of Ministers convene their meeting in Ardebil.
  • Some members of the Iranian parliament seeking to ‘draft’ current Parliamentary Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel as a presidential candidate.


  • Rafsanjani: “Generating wealth is positive value in Islam. The thought [that generating wealth is] a sign of this worldly inclinations and longings and creates discrimination is a source of underdevelopment.”
  • Expediency Council member Hassan Rowhani: “What benefits have we drawn from $100 oil? We have printed more currency, which has become a source of worry and inflation.”

Nuclear Diplomacy

  • Ayatollah Jannati: ElBaradei report shames UN Security Council.
  • Said Jalili, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Securiy Council, said he will present “new ideas” at the next round of meetings with EU representative Javier Solana on November 30, 2007.


  • Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki: “Iran/U.S. talks in Iraq to be held soon.”
  • Iranian ambassador requests Iraqi government increase Iranian pilgrim quota.
  • Former Australian Foreign Minister (and International Crisis Group head) Gareth Evans says sanctions are ineffective and recommends “giving Iran a break.”

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