Re: Mitt & Rudy

by Andrew C. McCarthy

I am a declared Rudy guy who likes Mitt, so I’m not enjoying the cross-fire.  But after reading Byron’s piece, I gotta say I’m surprised — and offended — that Mitt claims voters are worried about a candidate who has “been married more than once.”

Like Ronald Reagan, I’ve been married twice.  So have a lot of people.  It’s to his great credit and good fortune that Mitt found the right person at a young age and has obviously enjoyed an enduring, wonderful marriage.  But, y’know, Bill Clinton’s only been married once, too.  Does Mitt really think there is upside in playing this game?  I think he’s gonna turn off many more people than he’ll appeal to.  It’s not the sort of thing people base their vote on, but I liked him less after reading it than I did before.

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