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Food of the Gods


Alex Massie reminds us just how good Scots cooking can be:

“Their traditional – that is, only cooked once – pizzas were better but Piccante took the palm for deep-frying. It’s also one of the few places I know where, honoring the spirit of Scottish invention, you can purchase a kebab pizza which is then deep-fried. This, I think, must count as one of the culinary wonders of the modern world.”
I’ve never tried a deep-fried kebab pizza (although I plan to). I have, however, enjoyed (only questionably authentic) haggis pizza at a place somewhere near Loch Ness. Garnished with cream, as well as sheep guts, and washed down with cheap whisky. Nothing better.

Do also follow Alex’s links through to a site examining the magic of the deep-fried Mars Bar. As the bogus, but sensible, Scottish saying goes : Eit one a di an dei yong and hapee.”


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