Contra Richelieu, et al

by John O'Sullivan

I missed the debate first time round and have been catching up on the replay. Listening to it, I can’t help thinking that some of the sterner and anxious posts about it on the Corner and from Richelieu–that stuff about it making the GOP look like a band of knuckle-dragging Know-Nothings–are a little too pious. The debate was vigorous; some of the exchanges were very tough; and the audience reactions were boisterous. But it was all highly entertaining. Even the most vigorous exchanges–the clash between McCain and Romney about torture, for instance–were formally polite. It made the Democrat debate look like a waxwork display. And the clashes between the candidates on immigration (in contrast to the same topic as handled by the Dems) represented the real division of opinion between Americans on this topic. Almost all Americans watching would have seen their side of these debates presented strongly and debated fairly. So lighten up, boys, it’s called politics.

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