Darkness Falls

by John J. Miller

I missed the debate last night–happily, I was at the Washington Capitals hockey game. Unhappily, the Caps lost, but it was a thrilling end: a shootout that included 11 skaters from each team. I’ve never seen a shootout go so long.

Separately, here’s an absolutely wonderful blog post on the centennial of L. Sprague de Camp. The name probably doesn’t mean much to most people, but if you’re like me and spent a huge portion of your youth devouring science-fiction and fantasy novels, then de Camp is possibly a familiar figure. This entry on the legacy of de Camp demonstrates the beauty of the blogosphere: It’s well written, informative, and opinionated–and all on a niche topic. I love the way it ends, with kid gloves removed. Sort of like a hockey team’s fourth-line enforcer, come to think of it.

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