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Iran News Round Up


(Thanks to Ali Alfoneh for his assistance in compiling)


  • German ambassador laments sanctions to an Iranian audience.

IRNA, Kish, Nov. 28, 2007: “The German ambassador to Iran said: ‘German banks and firm have restrained their relations with Iranian companies because of pressure from the United States Government.’  

“Wednesday at a meeting with executive director of Kish Free Trade Area, Herbert Honsowitz said: Unfortunately, the decision taken by international organizations, the U.S. government and the European Union has had a negative effect on Iran/Germany trade relations. He stressed: 30-35 percent of German banks are engaged in banking relations with the Americans, and the U.S. government has officially told German banks to choose between U.S. or Iranian banks. Therefore, the activities of German banks in Iran have become very restricted. Honsowitz made clear: It is against the will of some German firms and German banks that they have strained their relations with the Iranians, and it is more because of the sanctions and insecurity. According to him, Germany, with 17 nuclear power plants which produces 30 percent of its electricity needs, considers nuclear energy a normal matter. He reminded: Some banking relations between Germany and Iran have 100 years history and we will struggle to expand trade and political relations between Germany and Iran….

    • More on German ambassador in Iran’s explanations of Berlin’s policies and the German government’s desire to evade sanctions, here.

Economics and Trade

  • For the third time, the state’s attempt to privatize Iran’s largest steel manufacturer, Foulad Mobarakeh, failed. After 180 minutes Tehran’s Stock Exchanged closed without any offer at the company.
  • Gasoline rationing to continue for the next 16 months.
  • Tomatoes reach 1,200 tomans ($1.29/kilo) in the Iranian market.
  • Minister of Labor criticizes the “uncontrolled import of sugar…which has disastrous effects on workers in sugar fields.” Minister of trade claims it is to reduce the sugar price on the market.
  • Iranian minister of housing: “700,000 Iranians are owners of cooperative housing which will remain in their possession for the next 99 years.” 

Nuclear Issue


  • Iranian intelligence minister: “We will publish the Mousavian documents…The rules with regard to classified documents have been violated by Mousavian.”
  • Tehran’s Chief Prosecutor, annuls the Iranian Judiciary’s decision to acquit Mousavian.
  • Gholam-Ali Haddad Adel, speaker of the Iranian parliament: “If the judge has been pressured to acquit Mousavian of guilt, the case must be subjected to close scrutiny…We would be very happy to see Mousavian free of guilt.”
  • Commander Jazayeri, deputy chief of cultural and propaganda affairs of Armed Forces Central Command: ”Soft warfare of the United States aims at the eighth parliamentary elections in Iran,” and stressed: “We should be careful that political decision-making and legislation in this country does not fall into the hands of people whose primary interests are personal power and ambition…”     

Culture and Society

  • Head of Student Basij: “Basiji thought protects the society against ‘cultural NATO.”


Human Rights and Labor

  • Upon legal action taken by the Office of the Presidency in Iran, Reza Valizadeh, blogger from Sanandaj, arrested for “blurring the public mind.” Ahmadinejad angered by Valizadeh’s exposure of purchase of four expensive dogs  by the office of the President to take care of his personal security. 

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