Parenting Bleg

by Jonah Goldberg

So with the gifting season upon us (how’s that for crassly ecumenical and materialistic?) my daughter has begun her lobbying of Rabbi Kringle. She wants a computer — no doubt because she sees mommy and daddy attached to them so much of the time. We’re game for getting her one, but it seems silly to get her like a real computer. It also seems misguided to get her a purely pretend one as well. Anybody out there have any suggestions for a middle ground computer (maybe one that plays DVDs?) that is very kid friendly (i.e. somewhat spill proof, has some educational features and is, perhaps, pink?) but not outright fake?

Update: Lots and lots of folks are recommending this. It’s the lead contender right now, but seems a bit too serious for a four year old. But maybe if we put some horsey stickers on  it….

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