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Lemieux on Ron Paul’s Abortion Position, Ctd.


Scott Lemieux claims that I did not address various points of his. He’s right–I didn’t, in part because I agreed with some of those points. Of course it’s true that a federal ban on partial-birth abortion is not consistent with the view that abortion is in principle an issue for states. I never denied it. But it hardly follows that Lemieux is right to say that almost everybody who says they want the issue to be resolved by the states is lying.

Lemieux thinks that I called his argument that bans on partial-birth abortion will lead to unsafe abortions rather than a decrease in abortions “absurd.” I didn’t. What I called “absurd” was his contention that, because those bans would have that effect, they were designed to “regulate female sexuality.”

John Holbo, meanwhile, can’t spell my name right or, apparently, make an argument pertinent to anything under discussion.


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