Hold The Date

by Jonah Goldberg

Joe Knippenberg posts this over at No Left Turns:

The day after Super Tuesday (or is that Stupor Tuesday?)–Wednesday, February 6th, for those who aren’t paying attention–Jonah Goldberg will be keynoting a conference at Oglethorpe. He’ll be talking about his new book. I’m looking for professor and blogger types to fill out a couple of roundtables, one on the future of liberalism and conservatism in America, the other on the nomination marathon/sprint. Contact me by email ([email protected]) if you’re interested. I could come up with airfare and accommodations for some of you, but can promise nothing more than conversation and conviviality.

Meanwhile, I hope Atlanta-area NRO readers will also try to attend since it’s always good to see you folks, and it’d be even better to see you folks buying my book (which I will be glad to sign or otherwise distinguish — I could bite it, for example).  

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