Re: Beyond Parody

by Jonah Goldberg

Sigh, from a reader:

Dear Mr. Goldberg, Your plea is very impassioned, but I am surely not alone in wondering what you are calling for with such passion.

I gather you’re not selling “I Hate Islam” bumper strips. I doubt you are calling for immediate armed invasion of every Moslem country, or an immediate roundup of every Moslem in America. What is the concrete form you expect to result from this line-drawing?

If your line is “We are absolutely the good guys and the bear incident proves that nothing in the West is worthy of criticism or moral examination so everyone shut up about waterboarding and no-defense imprisonments” well, sorry, no sale.

Me: How about my line is to note that one can be so open-minded that your brain falls out? Or perhaps that getting ones panties in too tight a bunch over the “Muslim street” is a kind of moral and intellectual surrender? Or how about the spectacle of an armed mob calling for the murder of this woman is such a display of rank barbarity and incandescent backwardness that one need not gild the lily by trying to explain what it so transparently obvious? Or perhaps my line was bait for people who would use even this vulgar display as an opportunity to once again turn a critical eye on the United States of America in a riot of sanctimony and smug self-righteousness? Who knows why I posted it? I am a leaf on the wind of my passions.

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