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Iran News Round Up- Dec. 2


[The previous Iran News Round Up was from yesterday; my apologies as I was stuck on planes most of he day]

(Thanks to Ali Alfoneh for his indispensable help in compiling)


  • Privatization of the Islamic Republic’s largest aluminum producer unsuccessful as no one bids on Tehran Stock Exchange.
  • Seyyed Hossein Hashemi, head of the Industry and Mining Committee of the Iranian parliament, complains about contradictory reports on Iran’s foreign exchange income: “The government should demystify the country’s foreign exchange income.”
  • Iran to connect its railroad from Turkmenistan into Kazakhstan.
  • Deputy minister of oil, Mohammad-Reza Ne’mat-Zadeh: “In five years time, Iran’s oil export will decline to zero due to lack of investments in the oil sector… and increasing domestic energy demand.”


Nuclear Issue


Public Health


Religion, Culture, and Society

  • Iranian police to step up the fight against “immoral winter clothing,” in a special warning issued to Iranian women.
  • Former editor of Iran Student News Agency complains against “undue interventions of the Kayhan newpaper [mouthpiece of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei] in the daily work of ISNA.”
  • Kayhan “unveils” the Iranian news site Gooya as a CIA-run operation.
  • Tehran Metro starts digging in the middle of the night in the immediate proximity of Tehran Theater, one of the Iranian capital’s most beautiful architectural achievements (neglected by the Islamic Republic). Head of the Metro says the building will suffer no harm.
  • Commander Kowsari: “The Revolutionary Guards is not able to institutionalize Basiji thought without the help of the Basij Resistance Force.”

Human Rights and Labor

  • Jelveh Javaheri, women’s rights activist and blogger arrested Iranian Intelligence.
  • Arrest of painters’ union activist in Iran as labor crackdown continues.

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