The NIE as a Political Document

by Jonah Goldberg

From a reader:

Hey Jonah,

I’m baffled by the press for insisting the NIE report
is bad political news for Bush. Of course, looking at
the issue as a political one is disgusting, but if one
does, it seems there are three possibilities:

1) The report is right and Iran quit pursuing nukes in
2003. Gee, what else happened that year. So there were
positive results from the U.S. in Afghanistan and

2) The report is wrong so Bush is correct to pursue a
tough policy.

3) The Iranians quit pursuing the program because they
have procured all they need and now only have to
pursue enriched uranium.

It seems in a sane world none of these possibilities
would reflect negatively on Bush, but I guess we don’t
live in a sane world.

Enjoy your work, looking forward to the book.

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