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Better Late Than Never


Despite my earlier skepticism, the White House e-mail on immigration enforcement that Kathryn posted is truly good news. Rather than shrugging its shoulders at a setback in court, the administration is pushing ahead with the Social Security number no-match rule, which spells out the steps employers should take if the Social Security Administration identifies one of their employees as possibly having a fake or stolen number (here’s today’s L.A. Times story). This is vital to controlling the borders because more than half of illegals in the labor market work on the books and have presented fake or stolen Social Security numbers. Especially encouraging is the tone of Secretary Chertoff’s comments at his blog (I didn’t even know there was one until last week); he blasted the ACLU, which filed the lawsuit to block the no-match initiative, “because it opposes virtually every measure — including this one — to enforce America’s immigration laws.” This is obvious to anyone with eyes to see, but to hear a high official actually say it is like a tall glass of cold water in the desert.


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