Common Ground

by Clifford D. May

As a board member of, Maj. Gen. Batiste (Ret.) has been one of the most authoritative voices in the anti-war movement.

But in the Washington Post on Saturday he has an op-ed (flagged on the NRO Web Briefing), under a shared byline with Lt. Pete Hegseth, executive director of Vets for Freedom, a group that strongly supports the Petraeus mission of defeating al-Qaeda and the Iranian backed militias in Iraq.

Does this suggest a shift in Batiste’s thinking? In the I.D. beneath the piece, there is no mention of Batiste’s affiliation with – and I notice his name has been removed from the website as well.

If Batiste has indeed broken with that is news – but perhaps no surprise. is an extremist group – a clone – that favors America’s defeat and humiliation in Iraq, seeking both ideological and partisan benefits. If Batiste has recognized this and was repelled by it, bully for him.

The Batiste/Hegseth op-ed is well worth reading but it’s key points are:


  • Learn from mistakes
  • Acknowledge successes
  • Unite now — supporters and (principled) critics of the war alike – by focusing on America’s vital national security interests, not partisan advantage.
  • Thanks to Gen. Petraeus and his troops we are now winning in Iraq. Completing this mission successfully is vital for America’s success in the global conflict against radical Islamism.