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Would You Adam and Eve It?


Despite the decidedly left-wing elements (perhaps left-populist is a fairer term) in the Huey Long revival better known as the Huckabee campaign, it’s no surprise that Mother Jones magazine has published a hostile piece about the former Arkansas governor, and that’s what this is. Andrew Sullivan has highlighted Huckabee’s remarks about Adam and Eve (“It doesn’t embarrass me one bit to let you know that I believe Adam and Eve were real people”) as well he might. They are, to use as neutral an adjective as I can, interesting. Even more interesting, however, is the revelation that Huckabee officials “won’t make his sermons available to the media and the public.” Why not? Huckabee should follow the advice contained in Matthew 5:15, and let voters see what he has had to say. And if his thinking has, so to speak, evolved, and he wishes to ‘clarify’ some of those earlier pronouncements, that’s fine too. Only cynics will describe it as flip-flopping.


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