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Iran News Round Up


(Thanks to Ali Alfoneh for his assistance in compiling)

Nuclear Issue

  • Both analysts and public opinion not convinced of the NIE’s conclusions.


Economy and Trade

  • Russian gas company GAZPROM to expand activities in Iran.
  • Despite investments in Peugeot, Citroen and Renault assembly plants in the Islamic Republic, France might expand sanctions against Iran, says Tabnak.
  • China to triple oil imports from Iran.
  • Russia-Iran trade doubles.
  • Iran inaugurates two large mining and industrial projects in Syria.
  • The Iranian parliament proposes one percent of oil and gas export should be set aside for villages.
  • Aftab-e Yazd quotes American Enterprise Institute’s estimate of foreign investments in the Islamic Republic, but refers to Reuters.
  • Mohsen Rezai, former IRGC head and current Supreme Leader advisor, supports military’s participation in economic and infrastructural activities.
    • Details on IRGC’s economic activities, here.
  • Medical equipments importers fear further sanctions against the Islamic Republic.
  • Zero interest loans to be granted to the Iranian public upon presidential request.
  • Mohammad Khosh-Chehreh, member of the parliament’s Economic Affairs Committee: “The United States will use economic sanctions to coerce Iran.”
    • Adds: “The ministry of economy and the banking system have worsened the inflation crisis.”
  • National Bank: “Inflation almost 17 percent.”
  • Rafsanjani: “It would be such a pity if we remain underdeveloped despite high oil prices.”



Religion, Culture, and Society

  • Smoking water pipes in public declared illegal in the Islamic Republic.
  • Commenting on Dutch secular activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Kayhan writes “Skirt-dressed Salman Rushdie demands destruction of Islam by force!”

Human Rights and Labor

  • Ali Mihan-Torabi to be executed for a crime he committed at the age of 16.
  • Khatami promises to do his utmost to free imprisoned human rights and civil society activist Emad al-Din Baghi.
  • Ministry of Intelligence informs the National Security Committee of the Iranian parliament about the plight of arrested students.

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