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The Debates


A couple random notes. I watched a big chunk of the GOP debate on Tivo yesterday. I agree with the general consensus that it was lame with an extra dose of stupid. Though I kind of dug Alan Keyes’ crazy guy on the bus routine. I also thought — from what I saw — that Fred Thompson, not Mitt Romney, was the winner. I loved his “I agree with Alan Keyes’ position on Global Warming” line. 

As for the Democratic debate, just one thought. Everyone is talking about  that exchange between  Hillary and Barack Obama on his ex-clintonite foreign policy advisers. The question: How could he chart a new course with Clinton retreads onboard his team? Barack froze for a moment. Hillary laughed (cackled), then Obama shot back: “I’m looking forward to taking advice from you too Hillary” or some such.

He gets high marks for that, but I think he blew it. He should have said, “Well Hillary, you may think it’s funny,  but the reason I have so many veterans from your husband’s administration is that they’ve learned from their mistakes. Just like you constantly claim to have done. And they want real change too.”


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