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More OBU and Huckabee


Two e-mails: 



I don’t have a problem with Huck’s college choice, it was with his choice to misrepresent it and say that he holds a theology degree when he doesn’t.    He enrolled to pursue such a degree, but never finished.    He wants to now claim he has a theology degree to persuade us he is tough on terror and understands Islamofacism.  He has inflated his credentials to make him appear to be uniquely qualified, but he’s not.    That, I do have a problem with.

Just my thoughts from an evangelical who thinks NRO is doing a fine job blogging this election.


 –People should know what they are talking about before they adopt a sneer of condescension (even though I am definitely not a Huckabooster. Although I am a Baptist, I am McCain all the way).  OBU is the top Baccalaureate College in the South in 2008, as ranked by US New & World Report (and has been at or near the top for years).



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