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Coup de grace


Giuliani is apparently also scaling back his television ads in New Hampshire. The state is now a Romney vs. McCain two-man race, with the Union Leader campaigning for McCain and Romney with a large lead. The two, along with Huckabee, will also be major contenders in Michigan, where the result could depend on how many independents and Democrats vote in the Republican primary.

On an unrelated note — and I don’t mean to flog this — with Derb’s help, the Boston Tea Party has reached the $4 million mark in independent fundraising for Ron Paul today. By midnight, six hours from now, he will easily break his Nov. 5 record, and raise more than $17 million for the quarter. I wonder whether all this money will translate to something — and to whose benefit or detriment it will be? If you believe CNN’s latest poll, he’s at 11 percent in South Carolina.


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