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In other campaign stuff – now that the issue of the New York Times Magazine that contains the Mike Huckabee story is out, I doubt that Huckabee is very unhappy about the whole thing.  The biggest reason is the cover photo. For a publication that has legendarily photographed Republicans in unflattering ways, Huckabee has been given a warm and friendly cover treatment; has any pro-life fundamentalist ever been portrayed so positively on the cover?  As for the story itself, it was clearly done in a hurry, and beyond the “Jesus and the devil” quote, there’s not a lot new there.  

Speaking of Huckabee, I was talking with someone from a rival campaign tonight — because that’s all I seem to be doing these days — and he was amazed at the sheer volume of attacks on Huckabee in the last week.  He was in a staff meeting, one in which there is usually a discussion of what is being written about their guy and the other guys, and there were ten hit pieces on Huckabee to discuss.  The worry for the other campaigns, of course, is that all those stories will cancel each other out, as well as create a sympathy backlash for Huckabee.  On the other hand, maybe they all mix up together and create the general sense in voters that Huckabee has done something wrong.

The one thing we don’t get too much in all this is attacks from the Huckabee camp on other candidates.  Huckabee will do it from his own mouth, certainly, but the kind of steady stream of e-mail hits that Romney, Giuliani, and, increasingly, Thompson send out just aren’t coming from Huckabee.  Part of that is choice, and part of that is the campaign has never had the money, but in terms of creating an attack machine, Huckabee just hasn’t done it.


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